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I can help you change your dog into the companion you will enjoy to be around every day.

New puppy or older dog, it doesn’t matter: I can help you correct your dog’s behavior.

BEN’S K-9 OBEDIENCE TRAINING - Quality training at affordable prices

Hello, I am Ben. Welcome to my site.

I started training dogs some 13 years ago, when I was the frustrated owner of an 125 pound German Shepherd dog that was out of control. I had to do something, so I started training my own dog. I loved the process so much, getting excellent results with my dog, and learning more and more.

Over the years I have gained so much valuable experience in dog training. I know how to make a dog respond, submit and learn to do whatever I need them to do.

Now, 13 years later, I raised and trained 4 German Shepherds dogs, competed in trials in both Tulsa and Fayetteville.

I have been mentored by one of the best in this area Bobby Pollock at pet partners in Roland Oklahoma.

A year ago I saw a need in my area for a good committed dog trainer. That is how my business was born. I have a great experience as a dog trainer and I would like to put it to good use and help other dog owners that have problems with their dogs.

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Trainer: Ben Jackson

Ph: 479-459-5133

Located in Hackett, Arkansas

Contact me to schedule training classes

I can deal with a great variety of issues, such as:

- Dogs getting overly excited when people visit your home

- Dogs jumping on people

- Dogs tugging or pulling on the leash uncontrollably

- Dogs bark or become aggressive toward other dogs and people and lack  social skills.

- Dogs ignore you when you call.

- Your dog has fear based issues that has turned into aggression and behavior problems

- …and the worst: the dog does not know what “NO” means.

How my customers are describing their experience:

Ben is a wonderful trainer and an even better man!Highly recommend taking your dog to him to train. He was so patient with my daughters as they learned how to train their dogs. Thank you Mr. Ben!

Joey Roland